'EVIL IS...' Red Carpet VIP Media Launch Event in Glasgow...

Posted by Admin on June 5, 2014 at 7:35 PM

Check out pics from last night's red carpet VIP media launch in Glasgiw for 'EVIL IS...' over at M.J. Martin's Official Facebook Page - here.

As well as select industry, VIP and special guests - producers from Bad Pony Media were also in attendance at Peckhams in the heart of the Merchant City - as well as some of the new faces from TV drama series NINETY EIGHT PERCENT, including; Jennifer Silva (Chelsea), Alex McPhail (Pete), Kieron Larkin (Mark), Rachel Leonard (Jenny), Jan Douglas (Janett) and Anne McIntyre (Donna). 

Also in attendance was special guest Kim Hughes from comedy series 'Idiot's Guide to Becoming a Film Maker', currently filming in Glasgow - who read some excerpts from the book, and joined a panel of speakers including Louise Graham, Sarah Miles, Hazel MacGregor and Jennifer Silva to discuss the role of women in film, TV and media.

Hollywood and London guests joined via video link, including; Karen Keech Swerling, Claire-Monique Martin, Billy Hayes, Robin Shelby and Sean Spence - with additional well wishes from stars including Ethan Reynolds, Whoopi Goldberg, Ellen Degeneres and Ninety Eight Percent series star Mary Waters (Mary MacFarlane).

Special thanks to Geo Wright at Wright Media, and Frank McGowan and Charlene McDonald from Bad Pony Media.

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